January 20, 2017



One of the America’s Cup Endeavour sailors happens to be the great nephew of four-time Bermudian Olympian keelboat sailor Peter Bromby.

From the time Zico James Smith was a mere four months old he was in a fishing boat, and not just in a boat around the island’s shores, but out on the Argus and Challenger Banks in his pumpkin seat, as his dad Lovin Smith is a commercial fisherman.

His mother Nicola Bromby sailed as a youngster and took part in sailing regattas. She was trained by Peter Bromby and Paul Fisher and sailed with the likes of Travis Burland and AJ Crane at Sandy’s Boat Club.

At that age, young Zico hadn’t taken up sailing as he wasn’t old enough to do the sailing programmes at Sandy’s Boat Club.

When the opportunity arose for him to take part in the America’s Cup Endeavour Programme he was a little sceptical at first, but his mother encouraged him to try something new.

Today, Zico feels that the once-weekly Sunday training sessions aren’t often enough.

“Currently we practise once a week, but I want to do more!” said the tenacious sailor.

“I love learning about the sport, meeting the sailors and the lifestyle that it brings.”

Zico likes individual sports and loves being on the water alone, as it is just him and his thoughts.

“It has allowed me to be a part of a programme where I can achieve a dream,” said the Sandy’s Secondary Middle School student.

“The opportunities are endless. I might be able to go around the world sailing.”

At 12-years-old Zico, whose idol is SoftBank Team Japan sailor Yuki Kasatani, “is also very keen on healthy eating as the America’s Cup sailors are on a regimented diet,” said his mother.

“He is bringing that home telling me that we have to eat better and consume less processed foods because he is going to be a strong sailor.

“I’m the mum and I’m being schooled,” she said as she laughed.

When asked how the America’s Cup, was his cup, Zico had this to say: “The America’s Cup is my Cup, because it has given me the inspiration to never give up!”

Ms. Bromby added: “Sailing is in his blood!

“So it’s funny how he never liked swimming but loved being on a boat.

“Being involved with America’s Cup Endeavour has been an amazing opportunity, as it has afforded Zico to be exposed to a side of sailing that he may never have been able to experience.”