William “Russell” Rossiter

January 20, 2017


America’s Cup Endeavour graduate William “Russell” Rossiter has gained both a love of sailing and a new nickname.

Will was given his name after team leaders thought he resembled the character Russell in the film “Up” and the Saltus Grammar School student takes no issue answering to his new moniker.

The 12-year-old, who never wanted to attend sailing classes, now enjoys the activity more than ever – all because of his involvement in the AC Endeavour programme.

“It has made me have an interest in sailing and I’m having fun doing something that before I didn’t want to do,” he said.

When asked what he enjoyed most about his Sunday morning practise sessions, he said; “It’s when you get on the water and feel the breeze in your face.”

So, how is the America’s Cup, his cup?

He shared, “Because the children are the future of the America’s Cup and I am a child!”

His mother, Kathy Rossiter said that the America’s Cup Endeavour programme has impacted their lives in so many ways.

“It has reinforced for me that Bermuda is not just a special place to look at, but that the people themselves are special,” said Mrs. Rossiter.

“It’s something about Bermuda that brings out the good in people, the culture of saying ‘good morning,’ respecting one’s elders and doing the right thing is still alive.

“When we have a chance to do something together – something that involves meeting and working with people from all walks of life, like the AC Endeavour programme, we build on our culture and work together to nail it!”

“Bermuda is not just a country, but a community. When we are offered an all-encompassing chance like the AC Endeavour programme it has demonstrated to me again how we and our children can work together and enjoy something great.

“Thank you AC Endeavour programme!”