Shomari Warner

April 11, 2017

Meet TeamBDA’s Shomari Warner

With a background in boxing and rugby, TeamBDA member Shomari Warner only got his start sailing last June.

The 23-year-old sees taking part in the 2017 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup as “a chance to be a part of history in Bermuda”. It has also proven to be a great opportunity for him to meet new people and discover exactly what he is made of – both physically and mentally.

Shomari is from Hamilton Parish and grew up attending Francis Patton, before later studying at Pickering College and Fanshawe College in Canada.

He has a brother and a sister and is currently training for the positions of bowman and main trimmer for the June regatta.

Who is the Bermudian you most admire?
My Father. To me he embodies the meaning of being a man. Flaws and all.

Who is your sporting hero?
Muhammad Ali because he was more than just a boxer.

If you weren’t on Team BDA you would be…?
I would be working on the completion of my recording studio and forwarding my music career.

What would surprise people about you?
I was actually hit by the proverbial bus.  Luckily, I walked away virtually unscathed.

What do you do in your spare time?
Workout, Box. Make music.

Somerset or St. George’s?
Blue & Blue!!!!!!

What is your favourite Bermuda symbol or icon?
Gombey. The Gombey represents the voice of the people who once couldn’t be heard. The Gombey is a celebration of culture and tradition.

What is your favourite or most used Bermudian phrase?
‘I Doan Een Know Buh’.

If you could choose a new first name what would it be?
I like my name – my sister named me.

What are three songs you love right now?
I Believe In Your Love by Charles Bradley; Champions by Kayne West; Proud Family by Tory Lanez.

What’s your favourite of ice cream?
Chocolate Ripple.

Netflix binge watching?

What is one movie you think everyone should see?
Training Day.

What muscles do you have now that you didn’t have before?
Vastus Lateralis (the largest part of the quadriceps in the thigh).

How many push-ups could you do before joining TeamBDA and how many can you do now?
Before 40; now 50-60.

What DO you eat or drink now that you didn’t before?
A lot more eggs.

What DON’T you eat or drink now that you did before?

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