Ruth Mello-Cann

January 20, 2017


Being on the water and learning new things is the highlight for America’s Cup Endeavour graduate Ruth Mello-Cann.

She is a 12-year-old who is determined that one day she can win the coveted Cup.

“I think that one day the America’s Cup can be my cup if I practice and train really hard,” she said.

“And then one day I will be able to participate in the America’s Cup.”

The Clearwater Middle School student began sailing in the fall of 2015 and like many of her peers, hadn’t sailed before.

So what does she like most about the sport?

“What I enjoy most about taking part in the America’s Cup Endeavor Programme is being on the water and learning new things every session,” said Ruth who trains two-and-a-half hours every Sunday afternoon in St. George’s.

“Being involved in the programme has enriched our lives for the good.

“Being able to make new friends, enjoying the breathtaking scenery that Bermuda has to offer, all while being on the water.

“Also learning how to rig and sail a boat has brought pleasure to our family.”