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April 26, 2017

Hamilton, Bermuda, April 26, 2017

The definitive opening and closing times of the America’s Cup Village throughout the 35th America’s Cup have been announced today, as well as more details about the range of activities that will take place and be available for fans each day before and after racing in the America’s Cup Village in the Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda.

With racing scheduled to finish at either 3.30pm or 4.00pm on most days of the 35th America’s Cup, there will be a range of activities for guests to take part in and enjoy in the America’s Cup Village every day it is open. These activities include:

America’s Cup Class (ACC) yachts being lifted out of the water by crane post-racing, a chance to see these incredible machines, the fastest ever raced in the America’s Cup, out of the water in all their glory!

Poster signing sessions and a chance to meet the sailors competing in the 35th America’s Cup. A 2017-spec America’s Cup sailor is the fittest, strongest sailor in the 166 year history of the competition for the oldest trophy in international sport, comparable to NFL linebackers or Olympic sprinters in terms of their fitness levels and power outputs. Fans will have the chance to meet these sailing stars up close in the America’s Cup Village.

Mixed Media Zone, visible to America’s Cup Village fans. Now a staple of all major sports, the area where media interview the athletes will be visible to all fans who want to watch the sailors being grilled by the world’s press.

A huge range of America’s Cup Partner activations, more details of which will be announced closer to the start of the 35th America’s Cup.

The America’s Cup Endeavour Education Station, an incredible, dedicated area that will immerse adults and children alike in the wonderful world of the America’s Cup Endeavour Program and all its aspects which are used to help inspire and educate its participants.

Live entertainment on the Main Stage, with local acts and artists from Bermuda performing for the America’s Cup Village crowds every day throughout the 35th America’s Cup.

A range of food and beverage options to suit every palate, from young to old, including the best of Bermuda!

The definitive opening and closing times of the America’s Cup Village between 26th May and 27th June have also now been announced. The America’s Cup Village will open at 11.30am daily, except for 26th May when it will open at 3.00pm for the first day of racing from 5.00pm and the Official Opening Ceremony from 8.30pm. The closing time of the America’s Cup Village will vary throughout the event schedule. See below for details:

26th May: open 3.00pm / close 10.30pm

27th May, 10th / 18th / 25th / 26th / 27th June: open 11.30am / close 7.00pm

28th / 29th / 30th / 31st May, 2nd / 3rd / 4th / 6th / 7th / 11th / 20th / 21st June: open 11.30am / close 5.30pm

8th June: open 11.30am / close 6.00pm

12th / 13th June: open 11.30am / close 8.00pm

17th / 24th June: open 11.30am / close 10.00pm

Bermuda Pies to feature in America’s Cup Village

Hamilton, Bermuda, April 25, 2017

Kris Furbert, the owner of Bermuda Pie Company is one of five local businesses to be selected as a primary food and beverage vendor, serving the public at the America’s Cup Village. Here he talks about his decision to get involved, what he believes the 35th America’s Cup will bring to the island, and the pie he has created just for the occasion.

  1. Obviously the America’s Cup is a big deal for Bermuda, did it cross your mind that you’d be at the heart of it?

Yes it did. Bermuda pies are the perfect food item for events. They taste great, and the best part is that they’re easy to carry while you’re walking around at events. From when I heard that the America’s Cup was going to be in Bermuda in 2017 I made up my mind that Bermuda Pie Company would be a part of it. I believed that it was possible and I set out to make it happen.

  1. Why did you decide to take this opportunity?

As a local company that sells an iconic Bermudian food item, I believe that Bermuda Pie Company’s presence at this event is important in contributing to the success of America’s Cup in Bermuda. This is a major international event and will draw larger numbers than most people on this island have ever seen. Visitors during this time will have the opportunity to see our beautiful island home and will also be shown the best of Bermudian hospitality. Bermuda Pie Company would like to equally afford them the opportunity to enjoy a taste of Bermuda by creating a unique local food experience at our concession in the America’s Cup Village.

  1. How did you learn about the opportunity?

I remember calling Chris Garland (Public Food & Beverage Concessions Manager, ACEA) several times early on to ask questions and make sure this event was the right fit for Bermuda Pie Company. Once I made the decision all that was left to do was apply, and the rest is history.

  1. What has the reaction been among your friends and family to this contract with America’s Cup?

I have received a lot of positive reaction and encouraging feedback from family and friends. For those who know me well they’re not all surprised. They know I’m the kind of guy who always seeks new opportunities and challenges.

  1. What impact do you think it will have on your business?

The America’s Cup is an international event. It will draw many visitors from all over the world to the island. We have a great product and we’re proud to be a Bermudian company showcasing one of Bermuda’s iconic dishes to the rest of the world. My hope is that we receive positive online reviews. This may help encourage other visitors to try our pies when visiting our island.

We also expect a large turnout from locals. The America’s Cup is a great opportunity for us to showcase our best to all of Bermuda. One thing Bermudians love is a good pie. Pies have a long-standing history in Bermuda. Many from my generation and older grew up eating pies and have fond memories doing so. If you don’t know what I’m talking about just think back to your high school days.

When it comes to eating a pie, Bermudians are very specific. They also believe their way is the best way to eat a pie. I think that’s part of what makes pies special to Bermuda. My hope is that this event helps to highlight pies as one of Bermuda’s true iconic food items and helps revitalize our local pie culture again.

  1. What do you think the Cup will do for the island’s businesses in general?

A wide range of local companies in Bermuda are currently benefiting from the America’s Cup. Construction companies, legal firms, restaurants, grocery stores and wholesalers are just some of the industries impacted.

For companies in a similar position to us, the America’s Cup is an opportunity for them to improve the quality of their products and services. You’ll have to if you want to survive the 5 weeks of the event. This will also help better prepare the island to host and cater to other future global events, like the ITU World Triathlon events due to start in 2018.

  1. Do you have anything new planned in terms of the food you will provide? A special dish?

Yes we do, and I can’t wait to share it with the rest of Bermuda. We will be launching our latest product at the America’s Cup this May. Bermuda Pie Company’s ‘Gombey Pie’ is a first of its kind for Bermuda. The inspiration for the dish came from Bermuda and her oceans. The Gombey Pie contains a delightful mix of seafood, lobster being one of them. You’ll have to come visit us at the event to find out exactly what else is in it. We’ve had some very encouraging feedback so far and can’t wait to debut it.

We’ll also have other classics like our ‘St. George’s Beef Pie’ and our ‘Bailey’s Bay Fish Pie’ as well as a vegan option. For our full menu come visit us in the America’s Cup Village.

  1. If you had one message for those that doubt the importance of the event, what would it be?

The Bermuda Tourism Authority have been putting in a lot of effort behind the scenes to boost the number and type of visitors that frequent our shores. The America’s Cup is a sign that their efforts are finally starting to bear fruit. This is the first of what I hope are many large events that Bermuda will host.

I’m proud, as a Bermudian, to see my island home winning bids to host events on this scale when we’re up against larger and wealthier nations. This helps to put Bermuda on the map, the more attention we get internationally the better. This may just be the boost Bermuda needs to set our hospitality industry back on track. When we host international events, it brings spectators who will also require accommodation, transportation and food among other things during their stay.

I encourage Bermudians to get on board and make sure they take full advantage of the opportunities that events like the America’s Cup will bring.

America’s Cup Village ticket holders will enjoy a range of food from local vendors and there’s plenty to do in the America’s Cup Village before and after racing. To book your tickets online, go to

J&B’s Wood Fired Pizza all set to serve in America’s Cup Village

April 24, 2017

Hamilton, Bermuda, April 24, 2017

J&B’s Wood Fired Pizza all set to serve in America’s Cup Village

Selected as a healthy alternative to fish sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs, the start of the 35th America’s Cup will be a big moment for Tim Jackson, his wife Michelle Brock Jackson, and the employees at J&B’s Wood Fired Pizza.

Named as one of the five primary food and beverage vendors for the America’s Cup Village, the healthy pizza company, with its sugar-free bases and ingredients, will make its island debut at the event; the start of a journey the Jacksons hope will eventually secure the business’s place in the Bermuda catering scene.

Their success in securing one of the highly sought after vendor spots has already had a positive impact on the business, with Mr. Jackson expecting to take on between five and seven staff for the duration of the 35th America’s Cup, which runs from May 26th to June 27th.

“The adrenaline is going a hundred miles a minute, I’m really, really excited,” Mr. Jackson said.

A former principal at Sandys Middle School, Mr. Jackson had been looking for a change of direction and the America’s Cup came along at just the right moment for the couple, who were in the process of starting their pizza business.

“My wife and I talked about the America’s Cup and thought that this would be a wonderful opportunity to introduce our brand to Bermuda,” Mr. Jackson said. “We went through the process, thankfully we were one of the ones selected to serve as a vendor.”

The pair originally learnt about the opportunities available to local businesses for the 35th America’s Cup through the website Once they discovered they had been successful, preparations for the event went into full swing.

“I got the information, and went through the vetting process, submitted a business plan, and we just waited for the decision,” Mr. Jackson said. “The people we have been working with at America’s Cup Bermuda have been very accommodating and very professional.”

Believing that preparation will be the key to success, the Jacksons have focused all their efforts on making sure they are more than ready for the thousands of spectators, from at home and abroad, who are expected to pass through the gates at the America’s Cup Village.

“Our focus is solely and primarily on being over-prepared for America’s Cup, we don’t want to be under-prepared,” Mr. Jackson said. “We’ve been preparing for months, and we want to be prepared to serve a variety of pizzas and our fresh Lemon Grass Tea, which is also sugar free.”

As well as being healthy, the pizzas will have Bermudian themes with names such as Onion Patch and Grease, and Mr. Jackson said he was looking forward to Bermuda being part of such an historic event.

There is excitement among friends and family too.

“Our friends and family are ecstatic knowing we are just getting started,” Mr. Jackson said. “And to have America’s Cup as our first big event is quite exciting. Family and friends want to make sure we are well prepared to take on the challenges; I got a phone call from a cousin asking how many dough balls I’d made, and how many am I going to have before it starts.

“Everyone is excited, and thankful, and I just want to have a great time in that environment.”

America’s Cup Village ticket holders will enjoy a range of food from local vendors and there’s plenty to do in the America’s Cup Village before and after racing. To book your tickets online, go to



‘Minute with Mikaela’ Highlights The AC Grinding Challenge


Hamilton, Bermuda: TeamBDA, Bermuda’s entry to the 2017 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup, has announced its official merchandise is now on sale online (through both the TeamBDA and Bermuda Blueprinting websites), as well as in select stores.

Supporters of the sailing team – which is made up of nine young Bermudians between the ages of 18 and 24 – are encouraged to purchase their favourite gear, including t-shirts, flags, caps, beach towels, water bottles and bags. They can then wear their wares to show their support for the team and to cheer them on during the competition from June 12 to 21.

The first opportunity to view the products, and meet the team, will be this Wednesday, April 26, from 6-7pm at Liberty Theatre, when TeamBDA will host a meet and greet event. This is a chance to get to know Bermuda’s team, ask questions, take pictures and hear the inspirational stories of these nine young Bermudians on a mission to represent their country on the world’s stage.

Laura Cutler, TeamBDA Team Manager, stated, “We’re super excited that the TeamBDA gear is arriving at Bermuda Blueprinting this week.

“We hope to see everyone with something – as there are quite a few items to choose from, including: shorts, bags, hats, flags, etc.  Our sailors are working hard in preparation for this incredible event, and it would be amazing to see our supporters in TeamBDA kit out in public and on the racecourse!”

Months ago, an idea was put forth to offer branded clothing and other items for TeamBDA in the lead up to this summer’s big event.

According to Liana Carrick, Administrator at Bermuda Blueprinting, the suggestion was welcomed, but the competitors and management of TeamBDA were busy focusing on race preparation. Bermuda Blueprinting offered to take the reins, designing and managing details for the project.

Ms. Carrick explained, “Our in-house graphic designers created artwork mock-ups for TeamBDA approval and tech shirts, cotton t-shirts, dri-fit caps, beach towels, water bottles and bags were selected.

“The tech shirts come in the team colours of red, royal blue and white, while the line of bags carries through on this colour scheme with the team logo embroidered on sail fabric tote bags, backpacks, wristlets, wallets etc.”

Ms. Carrick said Bermuda Blueprinting, and its sister company Island Embroidery, were “pleased” to be involved in the supply of branded merchandise for TeamBDA.

“The launch for pre-orders was April 10th through, and with the merchandise now available for collection. Hopefully Bermudians will show their support for their home team by embracing the TeamBDA name and purchasing their branded merchandise,” she continued. “A portion of the sale proceeds will go to TeamBDA, but more importantly a powerful message of support will be sent out that we stand behind our home team and believe Bermuda has earned its place in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.”

TeamBDA merchandise will also be available through AC Outfitters in Dockyard and the Island Tour Centre at Albouys Point.

For more information visit