What is Local Biz Connect?


To express your interest and ideas, please follow this link.

It’s a group of local business agencies who are working together to help connect local businesses and entrepreneurs with potential economic opportunities generated by Bermuda hosting the 35th America’s Cup.

The extent of Bermuda’s short and long-term economic success will depend on how well our community predicts our visitors’ needs and how creative we are in meeting them.  This is our moment to shine.

The America’s Cup Local Biz Connect Program is a way for you to:

  • Express interest in providing your services and/or products to our America’s Cup visitors
  • Express interest in being listed in The 35th America’s Cup Local Business Directory
  • Share ideas on how local businesses and entrepreneurs can achieve the greatest economic impact during the 35th America’s Cup


To express your interest and ideas, please follow this link.


For more information, please direct all inquiries to localbizopps@acbda.bm

America’s Cup Bermuda (ACBDA) Local Biz Connect combines ten community partners:

  • Bermuda Economic Development Corporation (BEDC)
  • Bermuda Chamber of Commerce (BCC)
  • Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA)
  • City of Hamilton (CoH)
  • Corporation of St. George (CoS)
  • Hub 1 Cultural Tourism
  • ACEA
  • Emperial Group

“Bermuda hosting the 35th America’s Cup provides our community with the opportunity to create a great experience for thousands of visitors from around the world!

We can all contribute to driving economic growth in Bermuda by making sure that our visitors choose Bermuda again and again as a result of how we treat them.

Events like the America’s Cup serve as a catalyst to develop our existing businesses and to create new ones.  We can learn new business processes and procedures along the way.

I am excited about working with our community to make the most of this summer!”

– Denise Riviere, Local Biz Connect Chair