Leroy Francis


Leroy has been a musician since he was six-years-old. He studied percussion under Eddie Ming and since which has learned to play five instruments. In 2005 Leroy, received a B.A. in Professional Music from The Berklee College of Music in Boston and in 2010, he obtained his Masters in Music Education from London University. He received his Teacher Certification (PGCE) from Sunderland University in 2014,  and has been teaching Music in the Bermuda public school system for over 12 years.  He is currently teaching at the Victor Scott and St. Davids Primary Schools.

Most embarrassing moment on stage? 
I must’ve been about nine-years-old.  I was playing a piano selection for a youth competition at my church.  The church hall was rammed so when they called my name to perform, I went up to the piano, sat down and started my selection. Everyone was enjoying it until I caught a vibe and went on and on and on. I must’ve played for like a good 15-20 with my eyes closed tight. Because my eyes were shut, I never saw the people on the side lines, trying to signal to me that it was time to end it. When I realised how quiet the audience went, I started to wrap it up and then all of a sudden, the audience started cheering really hard. I felt like the guy!  So I started playing longer and harder. What I didn’t realize was that the audience had started clapping because the ushers had started making their way towards me, grabbed me and pulled me off stage. I hung out in the bathrooms for the rest of that night.

If you could play on any stage in the world, where would it be and why? 
The Grammys. Only the best of the best perform there and the production of those shows are always amazing.

Who would make up the members of your fantasy band?
All the members of the 90’s band Mint Condition, when my favorite drummer Chris Dave played with them.  I wouldn’t play keys for them though.  I would play something crazy like a kazoo or something, that way I can focus on them during performances, learn and take notes.