Dave Pittman


Dave is a graduate of the University of Toronto where he attained his Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education degrees. While living in Canada, he studied with renowned jazz saxophonist, Alex Dean and has been lucky to share the stage with some of Toronto’s finest young musicians as well as artists such as David Clayton-Thomas. He was a co-founder of what’s quickly becoming one of the Greater Toronto Area’s more established funk and soul cover bands. He recently moved back to Bermuda to teach music at The Bermuda High School as well as his private saxophone, flute and clarinet studio.

When did you fall in love with music?
I really can’t remember not being in love with music. I have always loved listening to music of all sorts of genres, and growing up in a very musical family there was never any shortage of it. Once I got old enough to actually appreciate what I was hearing and, eventually, performing, music had already become an everyday thing. I can’t imagine going a day without listening to or performing music in some capacity. It makes everything better in life.

Favourite song to perform and why?
This sort of depends on what I’m playing. For instance, I love playing any Stevie Wonder or Chicago on tenor sax, but if I’m on baritone sax the prize definitely has to go to “Diggin on James Brown” by Tower of Power. Then on the other side of the spectrum, if I’m playing guitar, I definitely enjoy rocking out to “Don’t Stop Believing” or “Call Me Al” by Paul Simon.

Who would make up the members of your fantasy band?
Other than The Band, of course?! Bruno Mars (and any member of his band). Beyonce? Stevie? The list of hero vocalists goes on. I would love to play with the Jerry Hey Horns, the guys who played on all of MJ’s albums. Or the Tower of Power Horns. Either of those outfits are killers of their craft. Also, it sounds cheesy but I really miss playing with my old band in Toronto, Yasgurs Farm. The guys I met at school were incredible to play with. Performing with that group is really what gave me the bug to pursue performing this kind of music live.