Christopher Angelo Raymond

January 20, 2017


Plain sailing is the only way to describe America’s Cup Endeavour graduate Christopher Angelo Raymond.

Six months ago, his life was very different and the last thing he thought to do was sail, but now he has sailed half way around the world.

“The Endeavour Program has really broadened my horizons,” said Chris.

“Just six months ago, I had no idea how to sail and now I’m in New Zealand sailing Open Bics. That’s had a big impact on me.

“I am so grateful for the AC Endeavour Programme!”

The Mount Saint Agnes Academy student has enjoyed every part of AC Endeavour from the actual sailing experiences to learning the science of sailing. With that said, he understands that what he sews he reaps, so he is no stranger to training and currently trains about four days a week in preparation for upcoming regattas.

The 13-year-old is very passionate about the America’s Cup.

“America’s Cup is my cup, because it’s happening in my hometown!

“This means Bermuda will be seen by millions of people around the world and that’s exciting for such a tiny island like Bermuda.”

His mother Kim Raymond had never considered sailing as an extracurricular activity for her children; however, the AC Endeavour Programme has changed that.

“I now see that sailing has many benefits and opportunities for our youth, both personally and academically,” said Mrs. Raymond.

“My son’s confidence and independence have really grown through this programme. It’s been an eye-opening experience for us all.”