January 20, 2017



One of Chelsea Minors’ favourite things about sailing, is capsizing! She’s a student of the America’s Cup Endeavour program.

The ten-year-old loves swimming as much as she has come to love sailing. Although Chelsea almost didn’t take part in the Program at all as she had broken her little toe just before the start of the program.

“She had jumped off the swing at school and was in a cast,” said her mother Christie Minors.

“She thought that they were just going to let her stay on shore and watch, but nope they put a bag over her cast and took her out sailing.”

Chelsea hasn’t stopped sailing since. In fact, during the National Regatta in Dockyard something stung her in the water and she had to be taken to hospital.

“We were there until two in the morning, and she was back out sailing the next day.”

What do you enjoy most about the AC Endeavour Programme?

“I enjoy sharing and spending time with my coaches Josh, Leah and Thomas,” said the St. George’s Prep student.

“It’s lots of fun being out on the water with my friends and some of my classmates with AC Endeavour.”

So, how is the America’s Cup, Chelsea’s Cup?

“America’s Cup is my cup, because I have fun learning different and exciting things all the time and having a great time sailing no matter what happens.”

Her mother has found that Chelsea is now more organised and responsible, as she gets her things ready on Saturday nights for her Sunday training sessions.

“She is a bit more prepared and a little bit more responsible.”

She says it’s nice to see her daughter doing what’s necessary.

“I was trying to help her and she was getting an attitude and told me that she knew what she had to do.

“So I just had to step back and ask things like ‘do you need more sun block?’”

Chelsea, whose favourite team is ORACLE TEAM USA, fully intends to continue sailing after the America’s Cup and her grandfather is restoring a Sunfish, which belonged to her late uncle Craig Bean, a Davis Cup winner.

“My dad is going to fix it up with her and make it seaworthy,” said Mrs. Minors.

Chelsea added: “I get to paint it purple.”

Mrs Minors had never considered sailing as an option for either of her children.

“I think it has opened my eyes to sailing,” she said.

“My son, Shaun Minors who is nine wants to do it now, but he’ll have to wait his turn.

“To see these kids having the opportunity to have fun while still learning is great. Everyone thinks about dance, karate, tennis, but who thinks about sailing. It wouldn’t have been on the top of the list.

“For her to have been chosen is a great opportunity. It’s a good idea and it’s great for the kids.”