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SJD World places the fun of the America’s Cup in children’s hands

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Hamilton, Bermuda, June 13, 2017

All America’s Cup licensees have been through a rigorous process to win approval of their proposed product, but SJD World had an additional hurdle to overcome.

Not only did Creative Directors Stephan Johnstone and Anna Terceira convince the America’s Cup Event Authority that their product was worthy, they also chose to get it kid tested, and kid approved.

That’s because SJD World, a Bermudian graphic design company based in the creative hub of the Somers Building on Front Street in Hamilton, has produced an America’s Cup activity book specifically for children, complete with puzzles, colouring in, and a make-it-yourself Origami boat.

While Mr Johnstone and his team primarily work on marketing material and branding for businesses of all sizes, they have experience in producing books and worked with Ras Mykkal on his Bermuda’s Fly Flowers: The Seven Resident Butterflies of Bermuda.

An activity book that accompanied Mr Mykkal’s publication was the inspiration for SJD World’s America’s Cup book. The team was also contracted by America’s Cup Bermuda for a lot of the graphic design work in the past 6 months.

“When we came up with the butterfly activity book we were like ‘oh, we should do one for the America’s Cup’,” Mr Johnstone said. “We put together a bunch of different ideas and we started working on an Origami boat, and then we presented it to the ACEA in January.”

The boat presented its own challenges, with the America’s Cup Class yachts not among the many designs already available. In the end an exhaustive search by Ayana Bean resulted in the team having to create their version of an AC50 from scratch.

“We couldn’t find one that fit what we wanted to do, so we went to the drawing board and started from scratch. Everything was custom built. It was a complete team effort and everybody touched it in some way.”

There was outside help too, with Jeff Causey, a member of Oracle Team USA’s shore team, providing his technical expertise and the Causey children acting as testers on occasion.

“We had a group of kid testers and some adult testers,” Mr Johnstone said. “We had this model from the butterfly activity book and we applied it to this, and we have a bunch of kids that we ran each activity by.

“Even when it came to the Origami boat, we’ve done 50 different versions of that. Sometimes we would come up with a version of the boat and it wasn’t kid friendly, so, we’ve had to go back to the drawing board and fix it. We really wanted to do it so no glue would be required.

“There were a lot kids involved in the testing process.”

Ultimately it took a couple of months for the book to be finished, with Anna Terceira, who had previously worked at The Reading Clinic and WindReach, using her experience to make sure the book was engaging and educational.

“It took us a couple of months because as we finished an activity we ran it by the kids, even the colouring pages we ran by the kids,” Mr Johnstone said. “As we were producing them we were running them by the kids, by America’s Cup, so everything was happening simultaneously.

“At times it was a little difficult but the children had some really great ideas and input. Sometimes they will see things or catch things that we didn’t see.”

The book is already available in shops across the island and in the America’s Cup Village, and Mr Johnstone said the positive response he had received made it all worthwhile.

“The feedback has been great,” he said. “So far we’ve sold probably a 1,000 copies, and everyone that sees it, they don’t believe that we did it, or they don’t believe that it was created by Bermudians.

“It’s been really, really good. They loved it at the America’s Cup, they were completely amazed by all the work that had been put in to it and when we put together the actual boat. They’ve been very supportive and very helpful.”

SJD World has produced a video about the book, seen here:


TeamBDA off to a very solid start in Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Qualifiers

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Hamilton, Bermuda, June 12, 2017

Bermuda’s own TeamBDA are tied for third place after a strong performance in day one of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Qualifiers. TeamBDA finished a highly impressive fourth in race one, third in race two and second in race three.

The current Pool B standings:

Land Rover BAR Academy – 27 points

Spanish Impulse Team – 25

TeamBDA – 24

NZL Sailing Team – 24

Next Generation USA – 19

Candidate Sailing Team – 16

The team, made up of nine Bermudian youth sailors, is competing in Group B, along with teams from Austria, Great Britain, New Zealand, Spain and the USA.

Speaking after the races, Skipper Mackenzie Cooper said: “It was a really good day for us. We went out and did what we wanted, which was to be consistent and get into the event. We definitely made a lot of mistakes and we’re going to look at the video tonight and clean that up, but for a start, and for day one, we’re really happy.”

Helmsman Dimitri Steven said today was stressful and looks forward to improving tomorrow.  “It was stressful! I don’t really like light winds but we made the best of it and got some good results. We are looking to improve the boat mechanics and keeping everything slow and calm, especially in the light winds. You can’t really rush around with what we’re doing.”

Tomorrow’s races will be held from 5pm to 7pm and will be the only races scheduled for the day. The teams are racing in the AC45Fs used around the world in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series events in 2015 and 2016.

Bermudians are encouraged to make their way to the America’s Cup Village to support the team. Here are the various ways you can support TeamBDA:

  • Buy a ticket for the America’s Cup Village for just $10 per day and watch the races on the big screens and along the shoreline.
  • Buy a ticket for the Grandstand, from $70, which is directly in front of the finish line and watch the boats fly by at the end of each race.
  • Buy a ticket for the Goslings Dark ‘n Stormy ® Island Bar, from $150 and watch the races in a party atmosphere from an elevated terrace.
  • Take your own boat out and watch the races on the Great Sound with private boat registration.

Tickets for the America’s Cup Village, Grandstand and Gosling’s Dark ‘n Stormy Island Bar are available at

If you plan to watch the races in the America’s Cup Village, you can take the dedicated ferry from Albuoy’s Point, Hamilton directly to the America’s Cup Village. Ferries leave Hamilton at 10:45am and 3:45pm and one returns at 8pm. Ferry tickets for both runs can be used on either run tomorrow. Transportation must be purchased in advance at You can also take the public ferry to Dockyard at 4pm or 5pm and take a passenger shuttle from the Clocktower Mall to the America’s Cup Village entrance.

The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup qualifiers will not be televised live but can be seen on the large screens in the America’s Cup Village.

You can learn more about TeamBDA and the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup here:



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Hamilton, Bermuda, June 7, 2017

America’s Cup Race Management (ACRM), the independent organisation responsible for the rules and regulations of America’s Cup racing, confirmed today that the four Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Challenger Playoffs Semi-Finals races scheduled for Wednesday 7th June have had to be postponed until Thursday 8th June. The decision to postpone was taken due to the sea-state and wind speeds on Bermuda’s Great Sound racecourse exceeding the 24 knot speed limit agreed by all six America’s Cup teams.

Iain Murray, ACRM Race Director said, “Whilst there was dramatic action yesterday, well within the wind speed limits, today was a different matter. We have been constantly monitoring conditions on the racecourse during the course of the day and have decided that there will be no racing today as the sea-state and average wind speed measured on the racecourse over the allotted time exceeded 24 knots.

“The forecast for tomorrow is for lighter winds and good conditions and if those forecasts are accurate I am confident we will see more fantastic racing here in Bermuda between the four teams in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Challenger Playoffs Semi-Finals.”

While the racing may have been postponed, the America’s Cup Village was open for business and people continued to flock into the world class hub of all the 35th America’s Cup action in Bermuda.

On Thursday 8th June the America’s Cup Village is scheduled to open at 11.30 and a busy program of racing is planned from 2.00pm. Anyone with a ticket to the America’s Cup Village on 7th June is strongly urged to check their email for communication from the America’s Cup about their tickets.


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KES The Band, the Caribbean pop/soca group known for their unique blend of soulful vocals, calypso-inspired melodies, rock riffs and island beats will be the star attraction on the America’s Cup Village Main Stage after racing concludes on Saturday 10th June, Conquer Cancer Foundation Day* in the America’s Cup Village.

Tickets for the day’s racing and KES The Band’s performance are available right now from just $30 via The America’s Cup Village Grandstand is already sold out, but there are tickets available for general admission, the Gosling’s Dark ‘n Stormy Island Bar and the Longtail Lounge.

KES The Band hail from Trinidad and Tobago and consist of founding members and brothers Kees Dieffenthaller (lead vocals), Hans Dieffenthaller (drums) and Jon Dieffenthaller (guitar), as well as Riad Boochoon (bass guitar).

“We are honoured to be invited to perform and are very much looking forward to being part of this incredible event! We will be bringing our full energy and vibes to the audience and look forward to seeing everyone come out to have a great time with us,” said Kees Dieffenthaller, lead singer of KES The Band.

On the water on 10th June it is the first day of the finals of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Challenger Playoffs. Only two teams will be left to fight it out for the right to race ORACLE TEAM USA in the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton as the official Challenger, so the action is going to be intense.

World class sport on the Great Sound and awesome America’s Cup Concert Series music on the Main Stage – two spectacular reasons to book your place in the America’s Cup Village on 10th June right now via

* In association with Endeavour Community Sailing registered charity #977

TeamBDA makes history in Red Bull Youth America’s Cup regatta before racing starts

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Hamilton, Bermuda, June 5, 2017

TeamBDA will make history in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup when it takes to the Great Sound in next week’s competition.

In August 2015, a call went out for the best young athletes in Bermuda to try out for TeamBDA, whether they had sailing experience or not. The final team of nine emerged from a series of grueling mental and physical assessments, and come from a variety of sailing and non-sailing backgrounds. The team has been training full-time since January of this year.

Now, with official training having started yesterday, the full line-up of the people who will be racing for TeamBDA has been announced.

For the first time ever two black sailors will feature in key positions on the AC45Fs being raced in the regatta.

Dimitri Stevens, helmsman, will drive the boat while Mustafa Ingham, wing grinder, will handle the winch that keeps the giant wing sail in the optimum position for speed. Stevens comes from a sailing background while Ingham had never sailed before trying out for the team almost two years ago.

Stevens, 22, says: “I began sailing when I was 11 and now 11 years later to be a helmsman competing in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup is a dream come true. This is the pinnacle of my sailing career and I’m so proud of my teammates.”

Ingham, 20, says: “Two years ago, I had never sailed and jumped on the opportunity to try out for TeamBDA. As a result of being on the team, I’ve had amazing opportunities that wouldn’t have come my way otherwise. I’m excited to compete next week and hope the entire Island comes out to watch our races.”

TeamBDA will sail in just one week’s time on the same racecourse as the America’s Cup races. The team began training in their AC45F on the Great Sound on Sunday and will continue to train for the rest of the week. The qualifying stages of the regatta are scheduled for 5pm to 7pm on June 12th and 13th on the Great Sound.

The roundup of the team and their roles:

Dimitri Stevens – Helm, drives the boat, controls ride height by adjusting the angle of the front foils with push buttons near where he sits

Owen Siese  – Wing trimmer, adjusts the angle of the wing through his wing sheet, works closely with Dimitri on what mode the boat sails, also works with Mackenzie (Tactician) on general race course strategy.

Mustafa Ingham – Wing Grinder, grinds (turns) the winch that moves Owen’s wing sheet, furls code zero (sail), helps grind the running backstay.

Mackenzie Cooper (Skipper) – Tactician, decides where the boat travels on the race course, how it starts, where it tacks and gybes, and what mode it sails, also adjusts the tension of the running backstays.

Peter Dill – Jib/Code Zero Trimmer; adjusts the tension and setting of the two soft sails in the front of the boat.

Philip Hagen – Bowman, works at the front of the boat, lowering the foils, pulling up, or hoisting, the code zero (a large jib) and grinding the code zero.

Laura Cutler, Manager, TeamBDA says: “We are so excited to announce the team who will sail on the boat during the competition. Not only is it historic for Mustafa and Dimitri to be in the competition, but also for the entire team as it is Bermuda’s first time competing in this elite event.

“We encourage all of Bermuda to rally behind the team as we sail against some of the best youth sailors in the world. The team has trained diligently for the past six months and they are ready to do their best for Bermuda on the world stage.”

Watch TeamBDA on June 12th and 13th from the America’s Cup Village including Grandstand seating or the Goslings Dark ‘n Stormy ® Island Bar. With tickets available from just $10, please go to to secure your place.

The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Qualifiers feature two groups of six teams. The top four teams from each group will proceed to the finals, which take place on June 20th and 21st. TeamBDA will compete in Group B, along with teams from Austria, Great Britain, New Zealand, Spain and the USA.

The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup was developed to provide a pathway for youth sailors into the highest level of international sailing.

Many of the America’s Cup teams competing in Bermuda feature sailors that took part in the 2013 regatta in San Francisco, including Peter Burling who was the winning skipper for New Zealand’s youth team and is now the helmsman for Emirates Team New Zealand.

You can learn more about TeamBDA and the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup here: