America’s Cup Bermuda Appoints Director of Transportation

February 9, 2017

JeromeRobinson2Americas Cup Bermuda (ACBDA) has hired a Director of Transportation to oversee all transportation operations for the 35th America’s Cup.

Jerome Robinson, an executive officer of the Bermuda Taxi Owners Association, started the role last month. He has vast transportation experience, starting his career as a ferry boat pilot and then an apprentice branch pilot. Mr. Robinson later became a Superintendent for Marine & Ports and in 2007 was seconded to the Ministry of Transport to write a transportation plan for Dockyard. He retired from government five years ago and has been working for the West End Development Corporation as Transport Coordinator for the past eight years.

Mr Robinson owns and operates 1609 VIP EXEC, a real estate and concierge company, with his wife Michelle. He was the VIP transport coordinator for Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series Bermuda event in October 2015.

As Director of Transport, Mr. Robinson is responsible for the 35th America’s Cup transportation modeling strategy and transport delivery plan. Additionally, he will oversee the Park ‘n Ride programme, transport for volunteers and the Transportation Manager.

Mr. Robinson says: “I’m very excited about this position. It’s going to be very challenging but I love a challenge and my team will be well prepared. I can’t wait until the 35th America’s Cup begins so that the world can see what Bermuda has to offer and how well we execute our plans, especially as it relates to transportation.”

Mike Winfield, CEO, ACBDA, says: “The Director of Transportation is an important role as he is responsible for the entire transportation programme for the 35th America’s Cup. Transportation will be a crucial component for May and June and we want to make sure we get it right. We are delighted to have Jerome on board to manage this important aspect of AC35.”

More information on this plan and the opportunities will be forthcoming.